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Of course, we have knowledge of and experience with the most common web techniques. With more than 3 decades experience in the software industry, chances are good that we can help you.


If you use Joomla, you have come to the right place. Obix has a lot of experience with it. With Joomla you can do a lot. It is known to be easy. And for almost everything you can think of, there are extensions are available.

But sometimes you want more, or just something different. Perhaps you need a customised template. Or you cannot find that one extension and you do not have the time or the knowledge to create it yourself.

Obix is specialized in Joomla, we can help with:

  • extension development
  • template-development
  • bug fixing
  • import and export data
  • linking with other systems

Do you need customisation or are you looking for a solution to an unexpected problem? Contact us to discuss how we can help you best.

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