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Pieter-Jan de Vries

I am Pieter-Jan de Vries, Obix is my company and I serve a good cup of coffee.

More than 30 years ago, I was confronted with a computer for the first time. With a Tandy TRS-80 home computer, an acquaintance demonstrated in an inimitable way that it is impossible to beat the casino at roulette. In less than an hour, he pulled a BASIC programme out of his sleeve, with which he simulated the operation of the roulette table, before my very eyes,. I was amazed. A magical experience. The only downside was, that all hopes of becoming wealthy rapidly, were dashed.

That was the beginning of my career in the IT sector. Barely disillusioned by the outcome of the roulette simulator and inspired by what I had seen, I threw myself at the computer. It turned out to be an excellent choice.

In the meantime, many years have passed. I have seen the Internet born and grow into what it is today. A fantastic medium with infinite possibilities. With Obix I now mainly occupy myself with the development of web applications. From complete websites to technical parts and implementation of graphic designs. Also satisfying is assisting fellow web builders, who have less programming experience and skills.

Satisfied customers, that is what I strive for. With quite a bit of knowledge and experience and a network of specialised partners, I can take care of everything for you. From design and technology to hosting and maintenance. From complete websites to the development of specialised components. One point of contact for everything to do with your web application. No more going from pillar to post.

Come and have a coffee soon!

Pieter-Jan de Vries