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Search engines

Good findability, by search engines such as Google, accounts for an important part for the success of your website. Enter some search words and you will be presented with dozens of pages of websites. If your website is not listed, but that of your competitor is, then that is a missed opportunity!

How do we help you with search engines?

The commonly used, technical term is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With a combination of good text and the right technology, we make your website as optimally findable as possible:

  • Through research and in consultation with you, we determine what your customer is looking for; which keywords are relevant and useful for your service or product. These keywords are then incorporated correctly into your website.
  • We give advice on writing good, effective web texts. If you want, we engage copywriters to write professional web texts for you.
  • With the construction of the website, we ensure that the technology accommodates the search engines.

Do you want to know whether your findability can be improved? Then contact us quickly.

Social media

Social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter, are becoming increasingly important. Especially for companies. In addition to search engines, they now contribute greatly to the findability of websites.

Besides contributing to good findability, social media are also an ideal means to respond to current events and play an increasingly important role in building and maintaining image and reputation. Have you won a major customer or completed an important project? Launching a new product? Share it quickly and effectively with the rest of the Internet.

How do we help you with social media?

Different social media require different approaches. We can help you make choices and present your company in a good way in the social media:

  • Together with you, we draw up a communication plan for making optimal use of social media.
  • We advise on formulating texts and writing messages. If you wish, professional copywriters will write the messages and we wil post them in the appropriate medium for you.
  • We ensure that your website and the social media are attuned to each other. That visitors can share their appreciation easily and quickly with others and that information is exchanged automatically.

Are you curious what social media can do for your company? Then get in touch with us.