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Joomla! Content Management System

Content Management System

A website must be flexible and easy to maintain. Easily put information online or add new functionality. This is possible with a Content Management System or CMS for short. Joomla is such a CMS. This system, used worldwide for millions of websites, is accessible and flexible. Whether it is a simple or a complex website, you can do it with Joomla! And because it is such a widely used system, you are never dependent on one supplier.

Obix has a lot of experience with Joomla. From creating complete websites to developing custom templates and extensions.

Curious about the possibilities of Joomla for your organization? Contact us to find out what we can do for you.


The appearance of a website does not stop with the graphic design. The implementation of such a graphic design is a pretty technical affair.

In Joomla! websites, templates are used; blueprints in which the layout of all web pages is defined. Properties such as colours, fonts and images but also the structure and layout of pages are defined. Depending on available time and budget, anything can be accomplished. From an affordable, standard template that is adapted to your your house style, to a unique graphic design, fully tailored.


Basically, Joomla! is great for providing your visitors with information. If you want more, there are thousands of extensions available. For sending newsletters and linking your website to social media, up to and including complete, professional e-commerce solutions.

The offer is overwhelming, but not every extension is equally suitable and technically of sufficient quality. Obix has experience with many extensions. We know what to look for when making a choice. Obix also has the knowledge and skills to modify or extend extensions, or to develop completely new ones.