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Obix hosts all websites on its own servers. That has advantages:

  • One point of contact. If anything happens to the website, Obix will solve it. You are never send back and forth between web developer and hosting service provider.
  • Room for special wishes. Because we manage our own servers, we can meet wishes that are not possible with other hosting providers.

Obix specializes in Joomla, so the websites are hosted on servers that are suitable for it. And if you have exceptional requirements, we will set up a fully dedicated server, especially for you.

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A website needs to be maintained. The programmes used, such as the CMS, are updated regularly. available in which security problems are solved. It is crucial that these are installed on your installed on your website. Failure to do so endangers the functioning not only of your websites, but also of others and even of the entire server. of others and even of the entire server.

With hosting by Obix, primary maintenance is included. We make sure that:

  • A daily backup of your website is made, so that it can be restored quickly if necessary. should it be necessary.
  • Critical security updates of the CMS are installed, so the chance of security problems is reduced to a minimum. to a minimum.

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